Lumberjack Tracks Studio Rules


Recording Schedule and Time

1.            Recording sessions start at the time you scheduled your session.

2.            If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment you will be held responsible for 100% of the cost of the service scheduled if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled session. You must give at us at least one-day notice that you need to cancel or reschedule.

Recording Media and Storage

1.            It is necessary for every client to provide their own digital audio file storage. Bring your own external hard drive to each recording session.

2.            Due to the unreliable nature of digital media, we will not guarantee safe storage of digital audio files. Such losses are not common but we accept no liability for the storage of data or audio files.

Access to Studio and Guests

1.            Studio does not allow individuals who are not involved with the actual recording to be in the studio. This includes friends, fans, girlfriends, pets, etc. unless they are an important part of the recording. They can create distraction causing slower production and higher costs to the client.


1.            Please respect our engineers, our building and our time.

2.            Food is not aloud and drinks must have a lid and be kept away from equipment.

3.            Expect to work hard.

4.            Practice before you show up. Recording is expensive, practice is free.

5.            Show up on time, make sure you get every minute you pay for.

6.            Don’t bring your kids, family or friends to watch you record. You’re paying for this time and it should be considered work. Instead bring a camera to document your recording session.

7.            If you want to write a hit track in the studio, that’s fine but be willing to pay for it by the hour.

8.            No drugs or alcohol are allowed in the studio. In fact, it’s best practice to lay off all of that the night before you come into the studio.

9.            Know when to quit, the longer you push your ears and longer you physically perform, you’ll get tired and your performance will suffer. It’s better to know when to quit and come back refreshed another time. Your engineer and producer are susceptible to fatigue as well, keep them in mind when you’re trying to fit in a marathon recording session.

10.          If you break equipment you agree to replace it at our discretion.

11.          Lumberjack Tracks is a recording and film studio, audio or video taken may be used without any re-precautions to the studio.

12.          We have a no refunds policy. We work carefully with each client throughout the process to be sure they are happy. During the mixing process we work directly with clients to get an approved product. Instrumentals are no longer secure once sold and therefore we cannot offer a refund of any kind.

13.          By booking an appointment you agree to all studio rules.

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