We're passionate about music


Studio Time - Vocal Recording $60hr. Bands $80hr.

Music Videos - Starting at $300

Promo Videos - Starting at $100

Graphic Design - $60hr.

SEO - $60hr.

Clients we have worked with

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Studio equipment, instruments and audio engineer included.


10 Track LP Vocals only $1000.00 Mixing and Mastering included. Each song should average 1 hr to record.


Studio equipment, instruments and audio engineer included.


10 Track LP Bands $1500.00 Mixing and Mastering included. Each song should average 1.5 hrs to record.


Client Present
Client is present during the mixing and mastering process and provides feedback. This process is more time consuming and is billed at our hourly rate of $60/hr. for vocal recording. $80/hr. for bands.

Client not Present
$60 an hr. for vocal recording. $80 an hr. for bands. The mix and master will be sent to the client and client is aloud 2 revisions. Usually clients are satisfied with the original mix or with 1 revision.


We will produce a final mp3 or WAV file of each track that is paid in full.

Stems can be produced at our standard hourly rate of $50/hr.

Files can be retrieved if available for $50.


Lease Beats – $50/ea
A lease beat is as high quality as an exclusive beat, only it can be sold several times.

Exclusive Beats – $150
An exclusive beat can only be sold once. The beat will be taken off the market after a sell is made.

Custom Beats – $300
If you’re ready to take your music to the next level, we will build a custom beat to meet your highest expectations, right there on the spot. Now that’s a truly exclusive beat.

Instrument tracks or vocal tracks

We offer outside talent if required to lay instrument tracks or vocals. We charge $60 an hour for the talent. %50 goes to the studio and %50 to the talent.


DAW – Cubase pro 9, Fruity Loops, T-Racks

Interface – Scarlett 2i2, Saffire Pro 40, Behringer ADA8200

Pre-Amp – Art PRO MPA II with "vintage" tubes

Compressor – WA76

Plug-ins – We have over 30+ high quality plug ins.

Microphones – RODE NT2-A, MXL-990, Behringer B-2 PRO, 2 SM 58’s, 2 SM 48's, 2 TSM411's, 1 KBM412

MIDI – Native Instruments Maschine, AKAI MPK mini

Monitors – Avantone Cube, ROKIT 6

Headphones –  2 Sennhieser HD 280 Pro, 1 AKG

Drums - 5 piece pdp kit

Acoustic Guitar - Sammick LW0158

Electric Guitar -